SGI-USA Boise Activity Center Grand Opening

For many years, members of SGI-USA in Idaho have been working towards having an Activity Center for our Buddhist activities. It's so nice not having to drive 400 miles to an Activity Center to join other Buddhist members in other states.

Blank Building
See that door in the middle, that's the new SGI-USA Boise Activity Center!
Walls Carpet
The SGI-USA Boise Activity Center gets walls and carpet. Looks like a great start.
The Butsudan arrives, the most important part of an SGI-USA Activity Center.
First Gongyo
First Gongyo.Ouch, the floor is hard.
Joe Brings Stuff
Joe Baykun from SGI-USA Seattle, helps us furnish the new SGI-USA Boise Activity Center..
Earl Cook toasting the arrival of chairs
Earl Cook toasting the arrival of chairs. Chanting Nam Myoho Renge Kyo better with chairs.
Mahi and Barbara see chairs.
Mahi Takazawa and Barbara Granberry greet the chairs.
Mahi and Mike agree
Mahi and Mike Gray agree "chairs are much better."
Reception Area
Reception area, still under construction.
Earl and Betsy desk chairs phones
Earl and Betsy Cook, happy to see a desk, chairs and phones!
Sharon Gray and Stacy Dagress organizing Marrissa, Gerald and Synca.
Synca Origami
Synca thinks the hand folded origami is cool. Choices, choices!
Megan at Reception
Megan Everhard (Ritchie), is ready at the reception desk of SGI-USA Boise.
Seattle guys having lunch
David, Takeshi, Ed Kono, Tom Eddy, and Dave from Seattle SGI-USA.
Congratulation Fax
Kimiko, Tom, Jessie Keeney, Noriko and Joe handle Faxes from around the world.
SGI-USA Boise Idaho first reception
Leah Hopkins, Sharon, Noriko, Rachel and Becky Unione ready to greet
Rich Granberry (Kuna) videos while Takeshi and Steve Rorie (Spokane) watch people gathering.
Ribbon Cutting
Paul Vandervelde, Ida Jones, Earl Cook, Elaine Clegg (Boise City), Betsy Cook, Danny Nagashima, Jessie Keeney and Tom Eddy cutting ribbon.
People are gathering
People are gathering at the new SGI-USA Boise Center.
More people are gathering
People are gathering at new SGI-USA Boise Center.
Sharon Barnes
Sharon Barnes (Idaho Falls) telling SGI-USA Idaho pioneering experiences.
SGI-USA Boise first MCs
Danny Nagashima
Danny Nagashima comes from LA to open our SGI-USA Center
Marie Sylvester
Marie Sylvester (Boise) receives award.
Jon Purvis
Jon Purvis receives award for 35 years pioneering SGI-USA Idaho.
Earl Cook
Earl Cook tells us his determinations for Idaho/Montana area.
Debbie Lipton
Debbie Lipton (Portland) overviews SGI-USA study material.
Ida Jones
Ida Jones (Calispel) tells us about Montana SGI-USA Chapter
Shawna receives her first Gohonzon.
Don Lucker
Don Lucker receives Omamori Gohonzon.
Danny Nagashima
General Director Danny Nagashima, encourages SGI-USA members with stories.
Members toast our Activity Center
Members toast to the success of our beautiful new SGI-USA
Members Toast
More members toast our SGI-USA Activity Center.
Jeff Farr
World Tribune Editor Jeff Farr taking pictures as we sing Sensei.
Montana Gift
Tony Lucker presenting a gift to Idaho from the Montana SGI-USA members.
Byakuren staff
Byakuren staff Noriko, Kimiko and Reiko leaving with Ed Kono.